Escrow Assistant
Representing: Main Office

Monica returned to the escrow industry in 2017 and serves as an assistant and closer supporting various escrow units, and aides a strong network of escrow professionals within the company. She remains committed to providing the best service and expeditious results for each team. Monica’s past experience as an escrow officer helps her to identify and provide timely solutions to customers, and units alike.

I'm honored to serve as an escrow assistant for the best escrow officers in the county, and know the expertise I provide helps keep the units delivering successful outcomes.

Monica attended Cal State Fullerton and Humboldt State University, and began a career in escrow in the early 80s. She has also enjoyed her time as a business owner and in other ventures. Monica is a native of California, and has lived in the local area for nearly 30 years. She enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with her family.