Humboldt Land Title Company is the kind of business you would hope to find in Humboldt County, California. It is locally owned but, more importantly, is 100% employee-owned.

Its Eureka, California office has MOVED to 1034 Sixth Street, Eureka. We were located at our previous location at the corner of 6th and I Streets since 1956. In 1997 Humboldt Land Title celebrated its 50th year in business. The next year the Company was purchased as an “ESOP” by its employees. It remains today as the only locally owned title and escrow company in Humboldt County. Our employees understand and appreciate the Company’s long history of commitment to this community and are motivated to build on the well-deserved excellent reputation enjoyed for the last half-century.

WHAT IS AN ESOP? The Employee Stock Ownership Plan is an employee benefit plan, providing for retirement, that makes the employees of Humboldt Land Title Company beneficial owners of its stock. All of the Company’s profits remain with the employees and, thus, within Humboldt County. ESOP employees tend to believe that 100% employee-ownership increases productivity through greater employee participation in the workplace and that it maximizes human potential by enhancing the self-worth, dignity, and well-being of employees.

Why Title Insurance?

What if there is a forged signature on the deed by which you acquired title to your home? What if an unknown heir of a previous owner claims ownership to your home? These are just two examples of hidden title hazards that could affect what is usually the largest single investment any of us will ever make. Title insurance offers protection against these and other covered title hazards.

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